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The Newspaper Report

The Date was Tuesday 16th January 1940, time, about 5.35 in the evening.
Newpaper Report....
Ashford firemen had to work under the worst condtions when they were called
to a fire at The Thatched Cottage, Snave, in Romney Marsh on Tuesday,
at about 5.35 in the evening. For four hours they worked to get the fire under, and
save the cottage. Water was pumped from the dykes.When they returned from what one
fireman described as 'working inThe worst conditions any Ashford fireman have had to
work under.' there was another call. This time
they had to go to the East Ashford Rural District Council, where coal was found to be alight in the Basement.
They were called at 10.18pm, and returned at 10.53pm.
Mrs.Upton, the occupier of the Thatched Cottage Snave, wasd sitting alone
by her fire, having tea, when a stranger rushed in and told her her house was on fire. At
first she refused to believe him, but when she discovered that he was right, they
began removing the furniture. Other passers-by and neighbours helped. Ashford Fire Brigade
arrived. One stranger rescued Mrs. Upton's money for her, from its hiding place.
Mr A.H.Pain, an insurance agent, was on his way back from New Romney to
Ashford when he saw the fire and informed Mrs.Upton.
The building, which was very old, was practically destroyed. Apparently the chimney had
caught fire and this had spread to the thatched roof. Two lower rooms were saved, but
the damage was considerable.
Furniture and household goods were stored in a
garage, and Mrs Upton, who is a widow, spent the night at a neighbour's house.
Second Officer H Knock was in charge of the Ashford Fire Brigade.
Mystery Solved!!!!